Twin Screw Pump Type SLI

This compact pump is available in three sizes and can be optionally equipped with a bypass valve.

Technical Data

Output capacities

0,5 - 150 m³h  

Differential Pressure 

16 bar 

Pump Speed 

1450 rpm


1-100,000 cst 

Suction lift 

8 m 

Rotating direction


Heating temperature 

120 °C 


GGG-40 and 1.4408 


80, 125, 180 

 SLI with bypass    

Connection Variations

 DIN PN16 ANSI 150 lbs 
SLI 80   80/50 


SLI 125  100/80


SLI 180  150/150



The pumped fluid flows through the screws in an axial direction. Therefore, the pump imparts very low shear and little pulsation to viscous and shear-sensitive products. For this reason, SLI pumps are well suited for fluids with high or low viscosity, with lubricating or non-lubricating properties, and fluids containing some solid

The entrance geometry of the suction chamber is modified to accommodate the particular fluid properties of the product, thus allowing the pump to handle applications with liquid, lumpy and abrasive fluids. The SLI pump can easily be adapted to the user's requirements according to viscosity, temperatures, working pressure, speed and other criteria.

Speeds range from 200 rpm up to 3.000 rpm.

Advantages for Users

  • Well suited for fluids with low and high viscosity
  • Modular system - the combination of different feedscrews covers a wide spectrum with only three scales
  • Self-priming
  • Equipment available according to ATEX and TA Air
  • Contact-free intermeshing screws
  • Abrasion-free
  • Smooth handling
  • Low-pulsation conveyance
  • Dry running protection
  • Easy to maintan by single-flow


The all-round-product for

transfer-, dosing-, processing- and unloading duties

  • Food Industry
  • Colours and Paints Industry, Building Chemicals
  • Recycling and Environment
  • Power Stations, Refineries, Tank Storages
  • Shipbuilding
  • Oil Industry