Subsea Boosting Hintergrundneu

Subsea Boosting

Since 2000 Bornemann is active on the subsea market, starting with the Norwegian DEMO 2000 project, later with the Lyell and King installation. To enter into the subsea market a very successful cooperation with Kvaerner (today Aker / AkerSolutions) was established. As result the MultiBooster - a AkerSolutions product and brand name was developed. Into the MultiBooster Bornemann supplied the SMPC pump modules Series 1.0 and 2.0. The exclusivity of this cooperation has expired.

Based on the lessons learned from the first subsea projects and integrating the experience of several hundred topside multiphase installations the vertical Bornemann Subsea Pump (SMPC) and its topside version the high pressure multiphase pump (CMPC) have been developed. Cooperations with subsea system integrators ensures the subsea suitability of the SMPC system.
Bornemann and its partners today are able to provide complete subsea boosting solutions. Starting from the SMPC and subsea controls up to the containerized topside off-shore control system.

Bornemann's vision is to support the oil and gas industry with adequate pumps for most easy transportation of the production and optimal recovery of the wells. To achieve this objective, critical success factors are the robustness of the equipment, and the best available information about the expected production scenario.


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