Multiphase Pumps Type Series SLM

New Design - Even a better cost-value ratio

The redesigned series is called SLM and has the same performance features as every Bornemann Pump -
still for heavy duty!

The SLM Series is available as: 

  • Bare shaft pump
  • Pump - Motor assembly
  • Complete System in different standard executions

Technical Data

Pump Sizes          SLM 80, 125, 180 
Capacity Range 1-130 m³/h
(150-20,000 BPC) 
Speed Range up to 3000 rpm
Suction Pressure to 10barg/14psig 
Discharge Pressure max. 20barg/290psig 
Max. Differential Pressure   16bar/232psi 
Casing Temperature 100°C/212°F 
Power Consumption 

7.5-90 kW / 10-120 HP 

GVF  97 %, up to 100 % frequently
Only 2 Mechanical Seals (Inlet)  


Performance Data

Advantages for Users

  • Increasing well-production by lowering well-head backpressure
  • Protection of lift system because of decreased differential pressure
  • Connect field/wells to the production flowline system
  • Tie in of casing annulus gas to increase hydrodynamic liquid level in the wellbore
  • Complementing Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) measures
  • Frequent and long gas slugs are welcome
  • Process flexibility due to variable speed operation
  • Robust and maintenance friendly


  • Single wells
  • Marginal oil fields
  • Wells with low capacities in remote or separate areas
  • Brown field revitalisation
  • Increasing of hydrodynamic liquid in the wellbore by tie in the casing annulus gas