Multiphase Pump Type Series MPC

Because of the increased liquid hold-up capability, this type is especially suited for high gas volume fractions (GVF >97 %). Extended dry-running periods can be achieved, as it might be necessary for handling a gas cap. Numerous applications as wet-gas compressor, e.g. with liquid loading of gas well, show the excellent technical design of this pump.

As a standard the maximum allowable working pressure is 100 barg (acc. to ANSI B16.5 600 lbs.). However higher pressure ratings are possible and already executed.

Technical Data


 up 2.000 m³/h (300.000 bpd)

Differential pressure

bis 70 bar (1.000 psi)

Dry Running times up to 60 min




  • Ridgid Construction due to welded casing,
  • pressure rating up to ANSI 300lbs

  • (up to 50 bar operational pressure),

  • simple "in field" maintenance due to replaceable liner,

  • optimal material selection due to engineered rotors,

  • non contact pumping elements, forced lubrication system and/or

  • cooling system not required,

  • single acting mechanical seals with pressure less buffer fluid

  • system acc. API plan 52 or clean fluid injection API plan 32.


  • Old Onshore field with low wellhead pressures,

  • New Onshore Field developments, specially with high viscous crude oil, steam injected fields

  • Replacement of conventional separation technology onshore