Multiphase Pump - Type MW

This type mostly is applied in mature fields with declining reservoir pressure. In order to optimise the production, it is essential to reduce the wellhead backpressure. Additionally it is used to recover vapour from the casing annulus, e.g. with pumped wells, and in thermal operations using cyclic steam stimulation (CSS, huff n’puff) or steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).

The maximum allowable working pressure is 50 barg or acc. to ANSI B16.5 300 lbs. respectively.

Technical Data

Inlet pressure

up to15 barg (220 psig),
temporary bis 50 barg (700 psig)

Differential pressure

up to 50 bar (700 psi)


up to 1.800 m³/h (280.000 bpd)

Dry Running times up to 30 min.



  • Ridgid Construction due to welded casing,

  • pressure rating up to ANSI 300lbs

  • (up to 50 bar operational pressure),

  • simple "in field" maintenance due to replaceable liner,

  • optimal material selection due to engineered rotors,

  • non contact pumping elements, forced lubrication system and/or

  • cooling system not required,

  • single acting mechanical seals with pressure less buffer fluid

  • system acc. API plan 52 or clean fluid injection API plan 32.