Multiphase Pump Aggregate (MPA), Germany

Pumptype: UW-MPC

The Multiphase Pump Aggregate project started in 1997 with some facilities located in a German onshore sour gas field. One of the targets of this project was to monitor the multiphase boosting behavior under simulated subsea conditions (1000 m water depth). The project is a cooperation between the universities of Hanover, Bochum, & Hamburg, Burgmann seals, GISMA, and Helmke and was partly supported by the German government.


< 1,400 Sm³/h
GVF:96 - 99.9 %
Inlet pressure:0.5 - 20 barg
Temperature:40 °C
Discharge pressure.:< 40 barg
Speed:variable rpm
Shaft power:~ 700 kW
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