Downstream & Marine

Cargo Pumps and Systems

Borneman twin-screw pumps are rotating displacement pumps; the gearwheels and roller bearings are outside the pump space. Around 80 models are available. Various materials, sizes and forms make application-optimised solutions possible.

Type Series Applications

  • Cargo Pumps
  • Stripping Pumps
  • Bitumen Pumps
  • Ballast Pumps
  • Booster Pumps


  • Self priming and high suction performance (up to -0,8 bar)
  • Installation on deck until tank depth of 5,5 m possible - no separate pump is required
  • No separate stripping system with extra control devices is required
  • Handling of liquids with large viscosity range
  • Different delivery heads - no booster pumps necessary
  • Very low pulsation/noiseless operation