Lukoil, Platform Kaliningrad D6, Russia

Pumptype: MPC 268

The concept, in this case, was to boost the full production of the Kravtsov oil field at the Baltic Sea direct to the treatment facilities onshore, over a distance of approximately 40 km. To achieve nearly 100% availability we installed 3 multiphase pumps in parallel. During normal operation two pumps are running, one is in standby.


Medium:oil, gas, water
Gas rate:1.1 MMSCFD
Liquid rate:9,600 BPD
Oil viscosity:60 cSt
Inlet pressure:116 psig
Outlet pressure:798 psig
Speed range:600 - 1,600 rpm
Absorbed power:510 hp
Pump and system pressure rating:ANSI 600 lbs
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