Bornemann progressive cavity pumps are compact, rugged and powerful.

They are available in various power ratings and combinations of materials. They have proved their value world-wide in public and industrial waste water treatment and in waste disposal.

They are an optimum solution to conveying tasks in the chemical and petrochemical industries, the food, cosmetics and paper industries, in building construction, mining and general industry - everywhere the conveyed product is too viscous and flows too poorly to be pumped by other types of pumps.

Method of Operation

Bornemann progressive cavity pumps consist of only one moving part - a driven metal (inelastic) rotor, rotating within an elastomer lined (elastic) stator. As the rotor turns, chambers are formed between the rotor and stator. These chambers progress axially from the suction to discharge end, moving the fluid.

By increasing the pitch of the rotor and stator, additional chambers or stages are formed. The design allows pumping in both directions, a high suction lift and cautious pumping. Due to the numerous combinations of material for rotor and stator and the cautious pumping with extremely low shear forces, the progressive cavity pumps are also highly suitable for measuring and metering tasks.

Advantages for Users

  • Self-priming

  • Gentle conveying

  • Continuous pulsation free transfer

  • Capable of metering

  • Rugged and long-life

  • Standard pumps

  • Pump executions according

  • Customer specifications