Example: Explosion in the Oilfield

In 1995 the first multiphase pumps were installed in the Arecuna field as the first oil field in Venezuela. After a successful trial period more pumps for the pump station Arecuna II were ordered and successfully installed without any problems.

On December 29th 1996, a failure due to high pump temperature caused a fire which destroyed the pump station completely. This was only after an operational period of four weeks. Fortunately nobody was hurt during the fire.

Bornemann and the operating company PDVSA investigated the cause of the fire and have then adjusted the recommendations for the operation of the multiphase pumps. A solution for operating the complete units was developed and is now the standard ruling the Multiphase World.

ll Multiphase Pumps are being build according to this standard and operate successfully without problems.

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Venezuela Arecuna before

Venezuela Arecuna before