ENI TUNISIA, Hammouda, Tunisia

Pumptype: MW 9

In 2003, a multiphase boosting system was installed in the Hammouda flow station area, located in the south Tunisian Sahara. The system was connected downstream to a gathering manifold in order to boost the fluid (crude oil, gas & water) along 10 km to a process plant, in order to reduce the wellhead pressure to minimum requirements.


Medium:oil, gas, water
Gas rate:3.1 MMSCFD
Liquid rate:4,329 BLPD
Oil viscosity:2 cSt
Inlet pressure:44 psig
Outlet pressure:189 psig
Speed range:600 - 1,800 rpm
Absorbed power:520 hp
Pump and system pressure rating:ANSI 300 lbs
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