Hunger for energy encounters energy shortage: While the demand for oil rises, production is dropping. Have we reached the production peak?

If referring to classic oil, you could say this with high probability. But experts should also take synthetic oil into account - such as oil sand.

However, oil is increasingly becoming a question of price. It is a fact that you have to drill into increasingly deeper bodies of water to tap into new oil fields. In the meantime, the 3,000 meter limit has already been exceeded. And in exploring for the presence of oil, you also have to be active in regions - like now in the Caspian Sea - where once such a commitment would not have paid off.

For oil and gas production companies, this means: The availability of a pump system that can continually keep up with increasing requirements, on the one hand. And on the other, pump system suppliers have to have a sound knowledge of oil conveyance issues because this knowledge is increasingly turning them from a supplier into a partner in the petroleum and gas production industry.