ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Within our main target that is to offer our customers the most efficient solutions for them to achieve their economic and labor goals, we focus our Quality and Environmental Policy towards a team work based in our DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certifications, to assure the highest international standards and from our customers through obtaining quality without harming the environment. This aim is also from the very beginning in the company tradition, founded in 1983, guided through the direction levels, focusing in the absence of errors and a continuous improvement in the work for it and for its workers.

BOMBAS BORNEMANN S.R.L. supported by the Joh. Heinr. BORNEMANNN GmbH – Germany policy, establish the following commitments in quality and environmental matters, as the core aim in it management and competitive strategy:
1. Satisfy the customers requirements and expectations, including a continuous improvement and the environmental damage prevention;
2.  To include this continuous improvement through the development of state-of-the art technologies that also include the environmental protection.
3.  To work under the local and international environmental regulations.
4.  To strengthen its market share, and through this to assure our customers the best and continuous service.
5.  To promote the internal employees development and a high quality working standard.
6.  Create a place for establishing and revision of the objectives and goals in quality and environmental protection issues;
7.  To make sure this policy is understand, used, maintained, supported and communicated by all the staff.
8.  This is an open and public policy.